Colletcive Accommodation

Sleeping in the Puja Hall

Payment of the puja fee gives you the right to sleep in the puja hall, which is a large sports hall belonging to the University of Genova.  The address is:

  • PalaCUS - Viale Gambaro (in Albaro residential area), Genova, Italy  [click here for directions]

Naturally this is an economical solution for people who do not want the added expense of a hotel.  It is also very convenient because all the meals will be served in or near the hall and, of course, all the celebrartions will take place there.

The hall will be heated but temperatures outside can fall below 0°, so you are advised to come with clothing and bedding to keep warm.  You are expected to bring your own sleeping bag.

The  sports hall is equipped with toilets and washing facilities.

Accommodation in the sports hall will be managed on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.