Discover Genova & Liguria

We are very excited to know that so many yogis will be coming to Genoa, wandering around and exploring our beautiful city and region, spreading their Sahaja vibrations everywhere.

Some years ago, when Shri Mataji had just bought Her house in Genoa, we humbly asked why she had chosen this city.  She was silent for some time, before saying: “Because of the sea …”

We felt this is certainly not the only reason, but for sure the presence of the sea purifies the vibrations of the city and enhances its beauty.


The Sea

There are many beautiful places to visit near the sea

  • The World Heritage of Humanity National Park of Cinque Terre.
  •  The Parks of Nervi, where Shri Mataji has held two open-air, public programs.
  • The Natural Park of Portofino along the enchanting coast of Liguria Region, which Shri Mataji herself has visited many times.

All these places can be reached by car or by train and, if the weather is nice, even by boat!




The City

The city of Genoa offers something for everyone.

Visit the Sights
Discover the history of Genoa as you explore the labyrinth of alleyways in the Historic Centre and Port, one of the best examples in Europe of an fully-preserved medieval port town.  Get a taste of the city's rich past by visiting some of its noble, old buildings such as
- St. George’s Palace,
- Palazzo Ducale,
- Palazzo del Principe,
- The Rolli Palaces (Unesco World Heritage Site),
- The Via Garibaldi “Strada Nuova” Palazzi
- the Lighthouse

For people who have cultural and artistic interests, Genoa offers a range of quality Museums.

Families with children will certainly find something to entertain the kids in the Old Port Area, for example:
- the Aquarium,
- Città dei Bambini (Children’s Town)
- Antartide Museum (Antartic Museum)
- The Maritime Museum
- Tour of a fully restored pirate ship, etc.



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